Boosters Seek Afterprom Committee Members

The Erie High School Booster Club is looking for a Chairperson and Committee Members for the After Prom Party. Responsibilities include coordinating event activities, food, prizes and sponsors to help fund the event. This is a community-sponsored, fun-filled evening immediately following prom, and attended by close to 500 students, designed to provide exciting activities, food and prizes, whilekeeping our kids safe. All Juniors and Seniors, are invited to attend, whether they attend prom or not, with a guest, group of friends or on their own, Admission is FREEAfter Prom was designed as a drug and alcohol free event, to provide a fun and safe alternative to other, potentially dangerous options. Guidance, training, website and social media will be provided by past years Chairperson and the Booster Club. To express interest please contact the Booster Club at: Thank you for your willingness to help us give our students and amazing experience after prom! 

Erie High School