2nd Semester Schedules Set

The student schedules for second semester have been set.  Please be aware that schedule changes can not be made at this time.  When any student schedule is changed it has an effect on other students’ schedules because some classes only occur during one block per day and class sizes have to be limited and balanced.  Schedule changes can be made if the change is made to meet a specific graduation requirement or for a class for which the student has not taken the required prerequisite course or courses.  No changes will be made for teacher requests, regarding electives, or swapping of blocks for students will be considered.

Be sure to check your schedule prior to the first day of class on January 6th to ensure that you know of any changes that had to be made.  You will also want to be sure to have access to your schedule for the first day, either on your Infinite Campus app or by printing one out ahead of time.

Erie High School