End of the Year Logistics

We would like for each of our students to think about the belongings that they left at the school. Many had materials in their PE locker, band locker, or from their Art class. Most students have books that need to be returned. Some have music that needs to be returned to the Performing Arts Department to be filed. We will do a materials exchange after online schooling is finished. Students (or their parents) will bring materials to the school in the trunks of their cars.  Seniors and any students leaving Erie High School will be turning in their iPads at that time as well.  These items will be removed from the car’s trunk by curb attendants who will take them into the school. We will then come out to the car with any materials that were left in hall, PE or band lockers, and a yearbook if one was ordered. We will have people arrive based on grade level (seniors first, then juniors, followed by sophomores and then freshmen) alphabetically so that the line stays reasonable. If you are unable to attend at the specified time, it is okay to come when you are able. Please just mention it to the curb attendant what grade the student is in. In a communication to be sent out at a later date, we will give more details including what needs to be done to senior iPads before they are returned to the school.  At all times, since safety is of primary importance, social distancing norms will be in place and we need for people to stay in their cars. Stay tuned for additional details.

Erie High School