Summer Virtual Course Offerings From the Innovation Center

Design Fundamentals (.5) Available to 9-12th grade

The Design Foundations course is the first course in the Design Pathway. This course could be the prerequisite course for other design courses, and will provide students a strong foundation in design principles and techniques such as design thinking, basic sketching, basic drafting techniques, basic sketchbooking, design observation, prototyping, design analysis and critiquing. 

CompTia Fundamentals (.5) Available to 10-12th grade

IT Fundamentals introduces students to the Information Technology field; including computer hardware & software support, customer service, networking, security, and computer design. This class is a precursor to CompTIA A+, and is intended for beginners with very little computer knowledge. Students who succeed in this class will be ready to take the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification. This class is for 10-12th graders (9th grade can be approved by instructor ONLY)

Cybersecurity (.5) Available for 9-12th grade

Intro to Cyber Security is designed to teach students to evaluate and understand security needs, including: cyber threats, network security, intrusion detection, cryptography, artificial intelligence, and recovery. Students will understand how to defend online databases and keep information secure. Students who do well in this class will be given the opportunity to become Microsoft Security Fundamentals certified. 

Apple Certification (.5) Available for 10-12th grade

ACMiT is designed for students who have experience with Apple devices computers; offering the same curriculum used to train Geniuses in Apple Stores. Those who succeed in this class will be prepared to take the Service Fundamentals, ACMT & ACiT certification tests. Students passing these official Apple certifications will be eligible to work on the Innovation Center Tech Team. Graduating certified students will work with Apple representatives to find placement in tech jobs at Apple and on college campuses.

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