iPad Distribution & Setup for Students New to SVVSD

Students who were in SVVSD last year should already have an iPad from last year, even if you were at a different school.  Students who are new to our district are asked to come to the school to receive their school issued iPad.

iPads will be distributed to these new students on Wednesday, August 12th from 8am – 4pm by appointment.  Please select an appointment time that works for you here.  Students should come to the school with a paper that says the student’s name and we will hand you the iPad and directions for setting it up at home.  We will also snap a quick photo so that we can have your image in Infinite Campus.

Prior to coming to get your iPad, please make sure that you have (and know) your AppleID.  For information about how to do this WITHOUT the need for a credit card, please visit https://bit.ly/EHSAppleID  Also, you’ll need to complete the Expectation & Commitments in the Infinite Campus parent portal.

We also urge all students to obtain iPad Insurance from our district.  It is inexpensive and very valuable in the event of any damage to the iPad.  To initiate your insurance, please login to RevTrak and pay the $25.  You have until September 4th to pay at least part of that cost in order to assure that your iPad is protected for the year.

Erie High School