Student Activities and Clubs Begin

Erie High School provides numerous opportunities for students outside of the regular school day.  These fun groups provide students a chance to gather, either virtually or in-person with “their” people.  These connections help students improve in school as well as the areas of their interest.  Additionally, research consistently shows that students benefit in wide-ranging ways including attendance, level of engagement, grades, standardized test scores and success in life after school.

EHS’ activities and clubs are organized around student interests, visual and performing arts and sports.  Some of our clubs are school clubs which means there is a curricular connection to something that is taught at Erie High School.  Other clubs are extensions of classes at our school such as choir, instrumental music and drama.  Others serve other non-curricular interests of our students.  These non-school clubs meet at the school with a staff member present but they are created and lead by students and their interests.  

School clubs are able to advertise through the traditional methods at school including morning announcements, bulletin boards and in school communications.  The non-school clubs are limited to advertising in these ways once per month and generally are advertised primarily through private social media accounts.

These activities and clubs are wide-ranging, interesting and FUN!  Erie High School has a page where information about activites and clubs can be found.  On the school’s website, look under the Activities tab for a listing of all of the school’s clubs and activities, their sponsor or participating staff member’s contact information as well as their meeting dates and locations.

Every student has a home at Erie High School.  When students know their interests we can find the people who share that common interest.  Take a look at the offerings for yourself at

Erie High School