2021 National History Day Winners

During spring semester freshmen in World Studies have been creating National History Day (NHD) Projects. NHD is basically the science fair for History based on a yearly theme. This year’s theme was “Communication in History.” Students each created a massive research project on a topic of their choosing based on that theme. They had to create an annotated bibliography, provide research notes, create a thesis statement, and finally produce a final product (either a website or exhibit board). 

Here are the winners for this year’s National History Day:

First Place:

Dax Bradshaw- The Radio in WWII


Second Place:

Stephen Jones/Mark Newkirk- The Roman Government


Third Place:

Elliott Dolan- The Fall of the Berlin Wall


Honorable Mentions:

Abby Ruschak- The White Rose

Anna Whetstone- The Phonecian Alphabet

Evan Barton- History of Codes and Cyphers


Erie High School