Standardized Testing

Erie High School will conduct standardized testing on Tuesday, April 13th and Wednesday, April 14th.  Juniors will take the SAT on Tuesday, April 13th.  Freshmen and Sophomores will take the PSAT on Wednesday, April 14th.  On days when students are not taking a test, they should consult Schoology for any asynchronous assignments from their teachers.  This includes from CDC or the Innovation Center as those classes will not be taking place in person on those two days.

For testing, the school bus will run in the morning as usual.  The bus will run students home after testing is completed.  Breakfast will be served for testing students and a limited number of grab-and-go lunches will be available for students after testing is completed prior to leaving the school.

Please be on-time for tests which start at the beginning of the day at 7:45am.  Students who are testing should bring a snack (if they want one), a water bottle and an approved calculator only.  Leave all other electronics at home.  iPads, phones and smart watches will not be allowed in the testing room and will be collected for the duration of the test.  Students should keep in mind that the questions don’t get harder as the test goes on, so if you come to a question that you don’t know how to do, mark it so that you can return to it when you have time after doing the questions you DO know how to solve.  Incorrect answers do not count against students so remember to take a moment at the end of the test to fill in EVERY blank on the test.

Good luck, TIGERS!  Let’s show them what we know!

Erie High School