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Verify Your Information on Infinite Campus

Errors in Infinite Campus can prevent parents from knowing what was happening around the school.  They could also prevent you from being recognized on the Dean’s List Honor Roll.  Please take a moment to verify the information on Infinite Campus by clicking on the More tab on the left, then clicking on the Personal Information Review.  It will verify your contact information and preferences, emergency contacts, and immunization records.  This is also where you can acknowledge the expectations around district iPad use medical conditions.  You will also acknowledge the SVVSD Code of Conduct at the same time.  By housing all of this information in one place, our district has made every effort to streamline the process of updating your info.  Every student must go through this process each year to assure that our records are accurate and complete. The following are instructions for updating/confirming this information:

1.) Login to Infinite Campus.

2.) Click on More on the left side of the page as shown below.

3.) Click on Personal Information Review as shown below.

4.) Click on the button for existing student registration.

Complete each of the sections it guides you through. It will likely take about 20 minutes to complete. If you have questions, please contact the school at (303) 828-4213.

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