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iPad Insurance: Don’t Wish You Had Purchased It

iPad insurance is available at the beginning of the school year to cover damage or loss of the student iPads. Like all insurance, the period you are able to purchase the insurance is limited. Please purchase your iPad insurance TODAY to avoid having to pay full price for the replacement or repair of the district-issued iPad.

Mr. Stecina reaches out to parents when an iPad is damaged, destroyed or lost if they haven’t purchased insurance. “People always say the same thing,” Mr. Stecina reports. “‘I wish we had bought the insurance!’ Instead of paying $25, they end up having to pay $435. You can’t beat that kind of coverage.”

To pay for the insurance, login to SVVSD’s RevTrak site (GoErieTigers.com > Quick Links > Online Payments > Pay Student and Athletic Fees). If you can’t afford the $25 right now, paying any amount will get you in during the window. You then have as long as you need to pay off the rest.

Pay for your iPad insurance today so that you can rest easy knowing you’re covered.

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