Hello Erie High School families,

As one of the Deans of Students at Erie High School I wanted to let you know about some things you may be having come your way from my office over the next few days.

You may have received an email that your child has one or more Fs at this time. These messages are sent out on Wednesdays or Thursdays to let parents know that their child is currently failing one or more classes. It’s always easier to keep grades up than to pull them up so the sooner a low grade can be remedied, the better.

On Monday, you may receive a Missing Assignment Message. These messages are sent to students who have an M listed as a grade on an assignment that was not turned in to the teacher. Teachers have been asked to only list Ms for assignments that may still be turned in for credit. This allows parents to ask their child to complete any assignment listed on the Missing Assignment Message knowing that it will result in an increase in the student’s grade. These remain on the list until the assignment is either turned in or no longer available for credit.

I also meet with students who have three unexcused absences in any single class. We discuss the importance of attending class and the correlation between attendance and success in a class. If students continue to accrue unexcused absences, they will be referred to the administrator who works with their portion of the alphabet for parent contact.

All of these communication methods are intended to ensure student success by eliminating obstacles. If, at any point, you have any questions or concerns about these systems or what I do with students, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at stecina_paul@svvsd.org or by phone at extension 45904.

Thank you,

Paul Stecina
Dean of Students
Erie High School

Erie High School