Thanksgiving break provides an excellent time for students who want to improve their grades. This year be thankful for the opportunity to raise your grade by working on missing assignments!

On Monday, November 15th, the school sent out a Missing Assignment message with a listing of all of the missing assignments each student has. Keep in mind that any assignment with a grade of “M” for missing is still able to be turned in for credit. That means that any missing assignment that is turned in will help to raise your grade just in time for the end of the semester. Remember that after Thanksgiving break we have two weeks of instruction followed by final exams. That means we only have six class sessions prior to the end of the semester!

If you have any missing assignments, if you have a failing grade in a class, or if you just want to increase your grade percentage, spend some time over the next week working on those assignments and getting them turned in! That way you’ll be able to go into the final stretch of classes feeling like you’ve done everything you can to obtain a great grade.

Erie High School