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Two ways that students avoid being quarantined

With the recent increase in COVID rates in our area, some students have been quarantined due to close contact with a student who has tested positive for COVID19. Some have decided that wearing a mask is a good way to avoid being part of a quarantine. Even though they may have initially indicated that they were mask exempt, they have informed the school’s front office that they want to change their mask exemption status. If you are interested in changing your mask exempt status, please contact the front office.

Another way that students are avoiding being quarantined is by getting a COVID vaccination. Once students are fully vaccinated they are able to avoid quarantines caused by their classmates who have tested positive for COVID. Vaccinations are free to students, parents, and community members and are recommended for anyone over 5 years of age. Those who are over 18 and had their last dose of vaccine at least six months ago are recommended to get a booster shot. To learn more about vaccines in our area, please see this press release from the local health department.

If you have received your vaccine you may send a scan or photo of the vaccination card to EHS Health Clerk Mrs. Congdon for the school to keep on record. These two measures are an effective way for students to avoid missing school due to quarantine.

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