Congratulations! You made it to Winter Break! Whether you are a student, teacher, parent or community member we know that this semester has taken a lot of dedication.

Here are some technology tips for you to consider over the holiday:

  • Holiday iPad tips for students:
  • Don’t forget to charge it!
  • Run updates
  • Take a moment to turn on Find my iPad (only for secondary students with an Apple ID)
  • Students can still purchase insurance as long as the iPad is in good condition! Here’s a link to directions for ensuring the iPad is in good health.
  • A half-year insurance fee ($12.50) will be available after winter break for new students or students who have not yet purchased insurance. (Fee will be reduced to $7.50 and $5.00 for students who qualify for reduced or free lunch.) 

After winter break, all secondary students will need to change their passwords to a complex password.

Erie High School