You may find it hard to believe but it’s time to begin registration for next school year!

Beginning the process this early allows us to plan our master schedule to accommodate the diverse needs of our student body. We will begin the process during Advisory class on January 19th. Students will begin looking at course options and thinking about what they have already completed toward graduation and what still needs to be accomplished. Students will work with their Advisory teacher using the Course Description pages on our website.

Parents should work with their students during the week between January 19 and 26 to help decide which classes would be best to take using the appropriate course planning sheet.

To support this process, we invite current EHS students and their parents to attend a virtual course registration night on Thursday, January 20th at 5:30 p.m. Parents will have the opportunity to learn from counselors what their students should be considering when selecting courses for the 22-23 school year. Parents and students will also have the option to attend special sessions on Front Range Community College classes and Advanced Placement classes offered at EHS. Stay tuned for a detailed schedule of this evening to be released early next week. 

On January 26th, students will register for their classes in Infinite Campus.  It is important to complete the course registration fully, including the selection of alternate courses in the event that a class that a student chooses is not available. Choosing alternates wisely supports students getting the electives they most prefer. Students should finalize their course selections in Infinite Campus by February 4th.

EHS Counselors visited 8th graders in December to jumpstart the class of 2026 course registration process. Rising freshmen who plan to attend Erie High School already have the tools they need to begin working with their parents about what courses to take next year and can find those resources on the course registration website.  On Monday, February 7th from 6 to 8 pm, the class of 2026 will register for their 22-23 classes with the help of Erie High School teachers, counselors, and administrators. Current 8th grade students and their parents should stay tuned for a detailed schedule for this evening to be released in early February. *Note this is a date change from the previously scheduled date of January 26th

Once registration is complete for all 2022-23 EHS students, EHS administrators will begin the process of designing a master schedule that accounts for the wishes of as many students as possible with the intent of having the schedule prepared for students to see prior to leaving for summer break in May.

Please stay tuned for updates about this process so that we can assure that our students are signing up for classes that suit their post-secondary goals, their interests, and meet their parent’s approval.

Erie High School