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Buy your iPad insurance now so you don’t miss your chance

The window for purchasing iPad insurance is OPEN! This time period is limited so get it taken care of today! If you are unable to pay the full $25 today, please pay even $1 today and the rest can be paid later in the year. This allows you to insurance for the whole school year and summer.

The LTP Student iPad Insurance window for the 2022-2023 school year opens on August 1st and closes on September 15th. Parents who wish to join the insurance pool for this year will need to make at least a partial payment within this window.

This insurance fee will be added for every eligible student K-12 on August 1st. Please note that any student with an unpaid balance for iPad insurance from the previous year will not be eligible to join the pool this year until they pay off the previous year’s balance.

2022-2023 LTP Student iPad Insurance: $25

The iPad insurance fee will be reduced or waived for students eligible for a free or reduced-price lunch under the federal poverty income guidelines and homeless students as defined by McKinney-Vento.

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