Did you know that Advisory attendance counts toward your student’s overall attendance rate?

Advisory is an important component of your student’s schedule each week and attendance in Advisory is required, with the exception of students attending a class at CETC or IC during Advisory time. At Erie High we recognize various events can impact a student’s attendance that are out of their control, such as being ill or a family event. We want to encourage all of our students to strive for a high attendance rate in all of their classes, as this is one of the best ways they can positively impact their level of success.

During Advisory, students complete their Individual Career and Academic Planning (ICAP) activities required for graduation, receive valuable information such as registration, participate in community-building activities, and more. Additionally, Advisory is a credit-earning course. When your student misses Advisory it negatively impacts their attendance rate the same as any of their other classes. If your student is struggling with attendance please reach out to your student’s counselor as they will be happy to support them in coming up with a plan to improve their attendance.

Erie High School