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Halloween Costume Guidelines

Dear Erie High School Students and Parents,

It has been a great fall semester, and we have appreciated the tremendous community support of our students and staff. Halloween is Monday of next week. Students often dress up for Halloween, and we would like your help in ensuring that costumes are appropriate for school. Students who choose to wear a costume need to keep these three points in mind:

  • Use common sense and good judgment when choosing a costume. The costume a student wears at school may need to look different than the costume they wear outside of school.
  • Costumes cannot create a distraction or disruption at school. Students will attend their normal schedule on that day and will participate in all regular classroom activities.
  • Safety is always the top priority at school. Staff must be able to recognize students; therefore, students may not wear masks, sunglasses, fake blood, excessive face paint, and/or hoods that cover the head and/or face. Weapons (real or facsimile) are not allowed.

Students wearing costumes that are not in line with St. Vrain’s Code of Conduct will need to change or have a parent bring appropriate clothing to school. Thank you again for your support in helping to make this a fun day for our students and a productive learning day as well.

If you have any questions about the information in this email, please contact the school at (303) 828-4213.

Erie High School