In the process of paying close attention to student attendance this semester, we have noticed that some students are not meeting punctuality expectations which is having a negative effect on their academic success as well as the achievement of their classmates.

When students come in late, not only do they miss out on material from class but it creates an interruption in the learning environment while the teacher updates their attendance. Students who come in late frequently need help getting caught up with their classmates which takes additional time and creates an interruption in the continuity of instruction.

In an effort to increase student punctuality, we will be instituting some changes for the second semester. Similarly to this semester, students and their parents will be informed when the student reaches three tardies in any particular class. When students have their sixth tardy, they will be assigned detention. More details about the detention program will be shared as we enter the second semester.

This will allow our instructional time to be more efficient and effective and will encourage punctuality benefitting our students who embrace it as a life-long trait.

Erie High School