It’s been an endearing and timeless tradition for EHS parents to create a scrapbook-type memory board with their students’ names and childhood photos.

We will be displaying the boards at the school for the events around Graduation. Additionally, we will post these memory boards online for students and parents to check out other students’ boards as long as they would like. You may create a physical memory board and take a high-quality picture of it, or you may make the poster on a computer and save it as a digital file – whichever is best for your family.  We need these submitted in time to post them to a website before the end of the year.  Please submit your image by the end of the day on May 20th.

After you are done creating the Senior Memory Board, please visit this submission site.  Submission is easy: Just give us the student’s name and click the Add File button to search for the image.  After you upload it, click Submit and you’ll be done!

Any questions about uploading the image of the Senior Memory Board should be sent to Mr Stecina.

Erie High School