Women in Law Day (WiLD)

Every year the Women's Law Caucus at Colorado Law invites high school and undergraduate students across Colorado to join us to learn about law school and the career opportunities available to aspiring lawyers.

EHS Concurrent Enrollment Meeting 2021-2022 School Year

This is a mandatory meeting for ALL students and parents/guardians of students who want to take a Front Range/Concurrent Enrollment course the 2021-2022 school year. This meeting will review the Concurrent Enrollment process, student expectations and responsibilities, as well as outline how to be a successful college student.

Normal EHS

StuGo has put together a short video that highlights what school looks like during a normal year.  Their goal was to show and remind all students how much fun Erie High School actually is and how much school spirit everyone has since many have not been here for a regular school year.  Hopefully it will help lift our school spirit and give students something to look forward to.

2021 National History Day Winners

During spring semester freshmen in World Studies have been creating National History Day (NHD) Projects. NHD is basically the science fair for History based on a yearly theme. This year's theme was "Communication in History." Students each created a massive research project on a topic of their choosing based on that theme.

13 Things That Mentally Strong Parents Don't Do in a Pandemic

Bus Riding Students Need to Register if Coming Back to In-Person Schooling

Students who anticipate riding the school bus when full in-person learning begins after Spring Break need to register with the SVVSD Transportation Department.

The process of registering for the bus is as follows:

Ms. von Bernuth Honored by Boettcher

The Boettcher Foundation has a tradition of recognizing outstanding teachers who contribute to their students’ success. Each student who makes it to the finalist level of our scholarship application process is asked to nominate a teacher who contributed significantly to their success.

I Took the Practice Test...Now What?

We had an excellent turnout for our virtual practice (P)SAT testing on Friday and our students did very well on their tests!  Erie High School students and their parents understand the importance of these tests and the role they play in post-secondary education admissions and scholarships.  Practice has been proven to improve test scores and according to our surveys of EHS students the overwhelming majority find it helpful to practice the test in a low-stakes environment.  The experience of practicing helps reduce test anxiety at Erie High School.

Friday, March 12th Practice Testing

If you would like to know more about what's in store for EHS students on Friday, March 12th you've come to the right place.

At School Means In Class

The following is a reminder to students regarding who should be learning virtually and who should be in the classroom. Erie High School Students who are at school should be learning in-person in class.  The only students who should be online for class are ones who are at home.  No students should be at or near school learning online.

If you are unsure about where or how you are in class, please contact an administrator at EHS.

Thank you!