Senior Picture and Baby Ads Information

We have several announcements about this year's yearbook. Please read through all the announcements, as they do include information about Senior Photos, Baby Ads and a price increase deadline.
Senior Photos
The Deadline for submitting your senior photos is November 1st. You MUST submit your photos online by going to Scroll down on the page and on the right-hand side of the page.
Click on the icon that looks like this:
Please only upload ONE picture. We have no way of knowing which picture you want if you upload 3-4 pictures.
Ideally the photo should be in a 2x3 aspect ration with as high of resolution as possible.
Baby Ads
At Erie High, we have a lot of great traditions and we want to get everyone in on them. There is one that we know so many of our Class of 2020 families have been waiting for, Baby Ads are here! 
The 2019-20 yearbook will include many pages of these nostalgic and personal pieces, and we, the Erie Yearbook Staff, want you to have one!

What exactly is a Baby Ad?

A Baby Ad is a specific section of the yearbook dedicated specifically to your Senior. It includes baby pictures (or any pictures you choose) of your child as well as a message directly from your family to your 2020 graduate.

We have included an example!

What makes them great?

1) They are a fantastic way to honor your child and to send a parting note as they get their yearbooks at the end of the year. 

2) Our yearbooks are bought by over 70% of the school, and over 90% of the seniors.

3) They are student compiled, and part of the expense is our primary way to buy a few new cameras and add in cool cover features to each yearbook.

Baby ad Sizes and Information
Deadline pricing before December 1st
Full Page  -------------------------- $300
           5-8 photos, up to 150 words
½ Page ----------------------------- $155
        4-5 photos, up to 130 words
¼ Page ----------------------------- $100
        2 or 3 photos, up to 85 words
1/8 Page --------------------------- $60
        One photo, up to 45 words

All prices raise 10% after this deadline, the hard deadline for orders is January 1st, 2020.
To purchase one:
Please send us the following information via Email to (you will get a confirmation within 2-3 school days, and a proof/ request for modifications and changes if you wish throughout the process) 
  1. Student's name

  2. Your name 

  3. Layout size

  4. Text you would like to include

  5. Attached photos you would like to include 

  6. Check made out to EHS sent to school office labeled: Brandon Bird/Yearbook

When the yearbook is released in the spring, your graduate will be in for a great surprise!