#InspireTheTigers 2020

This annual event enriches students' understanding of future potential careers and helps them understand the path choices they need to consider.

Girls Soccer Kickarounds

Are you interested in playing on Erie High School's awesome Girls Soccer team?  Starting on January 6th, 2020 you can meet up with others like you for kickarounds.  Kids interested in Girls Soccer will meet up on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 - 6:30pm for kickarounds.  We hope to see you there!

2nd Semester Schedules Set

The student schedules for second semester have been set.  Please be aware that schedule changes can not be made at this time.  When any student schedule is changed it has an effect on other students' schedules because some classes only occur during one block per day and class sizes have to be limited and balanced.  Schedule changes can be made if the change is made to meet a specific graduation requirement or for a class for which the student has not taken the required prerequisite

Finals Week Schedule

Our modified schedule for finals is available in this story.

Lunch Accounts Information

If you use the school's online payment center to add money to your child's account, please check your balance and make sure that you have money in your account before the year begins.

If you send a check with your child, please make sure that their Student ID is written in the memo section of the check.  This will speed up the lunch lines during the first week.

Half of Boettcher Scholar Finalist from EHS!

Congratulations to Alex Walker and Cassie Mahakian for being finalists for the Boettcher Scholarship!

Be Thinking About Next Year

The St Vrain Valley School District offers two very unique opportunities for students outside of their regular high school environment.  Both of these programs have a registration window that is earlier and shorter than the window we use to register students for regular classes at Erie High.  Because of this, you need to be thinking about any courses you will want to take next year at CDC or the IC.

Course Offerings from the Innovation Center

Students have a wide variety of course offerings from the Innovation Center available to them while they attend Erie High School.

Donate Today!

The single greatest contributor to graduates and alumni of EHS who want to continue their education is the Erie High School Education Foundation.

Last year, the EHS Ed Foundation provided over $60,000 to graduates and alumni of Erie High School to continue their education at secondary colleges, universities and trade schools.

Visual Arts Grants & How You Can Help

Congratulations to Erie High School visual arts teachers Renita Orellana and Heather Neylon for winning $750 in grants from the Education Foundation for the St Vrain Valley to purchase new hardware for the visual arts department!

Now, parents and students have an opportunity to boost the grants won by our teachers ($500 for new drawing tablets and @250 for a vinyl cutter and heat press) to make Erie High's visual arts even better...