EHS Teacher Elizabeth Goodrich Wins Grant

One of the best things about Erie High School is the way the school embraces its students with special needs.  Our Special Education team has a deep and diverse knowledge base which allows them to use experiences from the past to understand how to best meet students where they are and help make them better.  In addition to this, the team cares deeply for each student and works tirelessly to meet their needs.  One of the educational opportunities for students with significant challenges is a class called Life Skills.  In this class students learn how to handle the challenges they will face as young adults and how to transition to handling day to day activities with as little support as possible.

Mrs Elizabeth Goodrich applied for a grant from the Education Foundation for the St Vrain Valley and WON!  The $350 grant will help offset the costs associated with groceries and other expenses the program incurs.

We’re proud of you Mrs Goodrich for always doing all that you do for our students!

Erie High School