CommunityStrong Needs YOU!

You’ve undoubtedly seen the social media posts and stories in the paper of Centura Health Adventist Hospital’s visit to EHS to demonstrate their DaVinci Surgical Robot to biology and engineering students at Erie High.  Our relationship with community partners like this is vitally important to the school.  It provides an opportunity for those businesses to get into the schools and get students excited about their future careers and share valuable information about the pathways they took to get where they are today.  Our community partners enjoy the public recognition that they are serving their community.  It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

The St Vrain Valley School District tracks these kind of interactions using a website called CommunityStrong.  This site allows local businesses to browse through opportunities that the schools in SVVSD have available and pick the ones that fit for them.  Users respond to those needs and when the visit or service takes place the time they spend in the schools is accounted for in time and in dollars and cents.  This allows those community partners to be able to show how much they have given back to their community in a tangible way that is easy for them to share with their customers.

We have a big opportunity on February 1st with our event called #InspireTheTigers.  Students will be able to talk to people working in industries they are interested in and learn what the pathway looks like for those careers.  We want for as broad a selection as we can have for students to choose from and that means lots of volunteers sharing from a multitude of industries.  If your company is interested in serving the schools in this way, please register on CommunityStrong and peruse the opportunities available.  

We’d love to have you here!

Erie High School