Erie High School Education Foundation

The Erie High School Education Foundation is the single greatest supplier of scholarship money to Erie High School graduates, alumni and teachers.  Last year, the EHS Ed Foundation gave away in excess of $50,000 for students and alumni to continue on in their post-secondary educational opportunities of all varieties.

Frequently students think that they may not be eligible for scholarships because their grades might not be the highest in the school or they may be interested in a career that doesn’t require a four-year college.  The Erie High School Education Foundation want’s people to know that they will help support all kinds of students: those going on to traditional college, trade school, two-year college or any kind of training.

This year, the Foundation is adding a new scholarship which is needs-based only to encourage the continued education for a student who otherwise wouldn’t be able to pay for it.  For the second year, the Education Foundation will be offering a Tradesman scholarship to a graduate who plans to go to trade school to learn a skill for a career where they work with their hands (electricians, plumbers, automotive repair, heavy equipment operators, linemen, etc.)

The EHS Education Foundation has a new website where donors can learn more about how they support our students and to make donations.  The website is also available from the school’s website in the Community tab.

The primary fundraiser for the Foundation is coming up on March 1st, 2019.  It’s the annual FACE concert at EHS.  Internationally known, but local vocal rock band FACE will be in concert at EHS with the opening act EHS’ own acapella jazz group 5130!  Last year, a local realtor bought a batch of tickets and had the school distribute them to students who made the most improvement in their practice SAT tests.  This is a great way to get some recognition for our high achieving students while getting your company name out in the community for supporting the neighborhood schools.  If you are interested in supporting the Foundation this way, please contact the EHS Education Foundation by email at [email protected].  Tickets for the FACE concert will be on sale beginning January 1st, 2019 through the StateChamps website.

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