Opportunities for LGBTQ+ Students and Their Allies

There are several events coming up for LGBTQ+ students and their allies.  The first is the Night of Noise. It’s an annual event, hosted on the Day of Silence, April 12th. The Day of Silence is a day made to bring awareness to bullying and silencing of LGBTQ+ youth in schools. The point of the Night of Noise the event is to “break the silence” and bring further awareness to the cause.  Night of Noise will have guest speakers, food, and other activities. Another event that Out Boulder is hosting later in the year is Show Your Glow, which is a dance for LGBTQA+ Youth aged 12-18. It will be held on May 3rd from 7-11pm at the YMCA on Dagny Way. There is no cost for admission, and they are hoping for it to become a way for LGBTQA+ youth and allies to meet each other and have a respectful and empowering dance environment. Refreshments and activities will be provided! For more information about these events or the organization which hosts them, Out Boulder, please visit their website.

Erie High School