Shark Tank 2019: A Success!

The 2019 Erie High School Shark Tank Exposition, put on by AP Human Geography students, required students to identify a real world, real community challenge, research the history and impact of the challenge, and construct a recycled or upcycled way to alleviate the challenge.  The students created prototypes of their products and presented them to community members, parents, and friends last night.  Throughout the course of the evening, eleven of the top groups were selected to present their project to a panel of nine “Sharks” in our lyceum.  These nine Sharks were engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and physicians from our community.  The Shark Tank selected Lauryn Daniel, Madelyn Brown, and Caely Meyer as the Shark Tank Expo Winners for their work with “The Busy Bee” which addressed Colony Collapse Disorder affecting bee colonies around the world.  They created a mason bee hive which also grows hops to further improve the bee population and ability to thrive.  Additionally, the Best in Show Award, voted on by all participants and Shark Tank Expo visitors, was awarded to Avery Brown, Camryn Hawkins, and Berkleigh McGee for their project called The Wallflower.  We are incredibly proud of all 47 groups consisting of nearly 150 students!  The world will change because of these brilliant minds.

Erie High School