2019 Yearbook Update

Dear Erie Community,


We have just a couple of notes about the Erie Yearbook that was distributed today.

First of all, thank you for helping us sell the most copies we have ever sold. The kids put a lot of hard work into the creation of the yearbook and it is great to see their diligence pay off.

We have received an enormous number of requests by parents and students who would still like to purchase a yearbook. Our yearbook advisor Brandon Bird has been trying to respond to people to place them on the waiting list for any extra copies we may have. With that being said, we are also trying to work with Jostens to see if it is possible to get an extra run of copies to print. That means that we must have at least 50 more people willing to buy a yearbook at a significantly higher price. We will release those details as to how much they cost and how to purchase them when we have finalized that information. In the meantime, please fill out this form to place your name on the waitlist/extra copies list.

Also, if you are absent during yearbook distribution today, you have one full week to contact Mr. Bird or stop by and pick up your copy before your copy is then given to someone on the waiting list.

Finally, inevitably there may be a few mistakes in our yearbook as this publication is over 200 pages. Please keep in mind that this is a student publication. We encourage you to praise kids for their hard work instead of dwell on small mistakes that are likely to happen with a publication the size of one like this.

Thank you for your support.


Erie High School