Beginning of the Year FAQs

When and where may I get my class schedule?

Schedules, which were finalized at the end of last school year, may be found on Infinite Campus.

Where can I get Erie Gear?

Talk to Ms Courtney, our Athletic Secretary in the Main Office.  You may also get awesome Erie clothing at Picture Day on August 7th.

When is Back2School Night and what’s happening there?

Back to School night is Thursday, August 29th.  Save the date for now…more details to come in further communications.

When do we get our iPads?

All students will get their iPads during Advisory at the beginning of the year.  Once the iPad is fully setup, students will be able to take them with them to use in classes.  In the mean time you can sign your iPad agreement and make sure you know your AppleID and password.

What do I need for the first day of school?

You’ll find out during the first day.  Just bring a great attitude and something to take notes on and with.

Is the first day a regular day?

During the first eight days of school (August 13 – 23rd) we will have Advisory period every day.  Starting August 26th we will begin the regular class schedule which is new this year and may be found here.

What’s the schedule like this year?

The schedule is different this year in two ways: classes begin 15 minutes later than last year, and we now have two lunch periods instead of one.  The lunch period you get is determined by the location of the teacher you have 3rd and 7th block.  A Lunch is for students who are in the P Wing, Upper & Lower S Wings, Tiger Den, Upper C Wing, & morning CDC/IC Students.  B Lunch is for students who are in the Lower C Wing, T Wing, G Wing, & Auxiliaries.  Would you like to know why we changed the schedule?

How do I make sure not to miss anything important happening at Erie High School?

EHS has many ways to communicate with students, parents and the community.  Find the ones easiest for you to keep track of.

What happened on Picture Day?

Most importantly students got their ID made.  Other information is available here.  Students also paid fees, purchased yearbooks, bought athletic passes and Erie gear on that day.  If you missed Picture Day, you can get your ID made at Late Registration Day on August 21st.

I want to do sports/activities/clubs.  How can I get information?

You can always get information from Ms Courtney in the Main Office or from the Athletics website.  Also check here for important information about sports programs.  If you have any trouble finding the activity or club that fits your personality, talk to an adult in the building, your counselor or an administrator for more information.

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