New Class Schedule At EHS

Erie High School has a new schedule this year which features a 15 minute later start and two lunches.


School will begin at 7:45am this year and end at 2:45pm.  Schools in SVVSD are pushing times back to align with research that shows that starting later in the day is beneficial for high school students.


Erie High School is joining all of the other large high schools in the St Vrain Valley School District this year in having two lunch periods.  This change reduces the number of students who must be served lunch at any one time and allows the school to have students eat in spaces which were designed for eating.  Having students eat in areas such as the school’s hallways and mezzanine area was taking a toll on the school’s carpets and other surfaces. This also reduces the number of students who must be supervised during lunch by half which provides for better safety and security in our school.


As with any change, it will take a while for everyone to get used to this change but things will iron out quickly.  The way to tell which lunch you should attend is by looking at your 3rd block and 7th block classes.

  • If your class is in the P Wing, Upper & Lower S Wings, Tiger Den, Upper C Wing, or you are a morning CDC/IC Student, you will have A Lunch that day.

  • If your class is in the Lower C Wing, T Wing, G Wing, or Auxiliaries, you will have B Lunch that day.


Your lunches may be at the same time each day, or they may be different on Day 1 versus Day 2…it all depends on the location of your 3rd and 7th block classes.  Either way, they are 40 minutes long. You may need to do a little planning to make sure that you have the proper amount of energy throughout your day, but as was stated before, we’ll all adjust to this change very quickly.  We have also extended the passing periods between classes to 10 minutes. This should be ample time for students to get a bite to eat between classes and socialize a bit.


Erie High School