Academic Eligibility and iPads

We will be checking all EHS students’ grades on October 22nd, 2019.  Any student who has Fs in two or more classes will have a restriction placed on their iPad.  Two Fs is the same limit set for Athletic Eligibility. If students aren’t making the grade they are unable to play.  The restriction will allow students to only have apps on their school-issued iPad which pertain to education work.  Any other entertainment apps on their device won’t be available to download because the App Store will not be available any longer.  The great news is that only a small percentage of students will be affected.  Any parental restrictions put in place by the student’s parents will remain in place on the iPad.

As stated at the beginning of the year, we will re-evaluate grades again later in the year and students who have brought their low grades up will have the option to re-enable the App Store.

Using the school issued iPad for strictly educational purposes may curb use of the iPad for entertainment resulting in more work production and better grades.


Erie High School