Be Thinking About Next Year

The St Vrain Valley School District offers two very unique opportunities for students outside of their regular high school environment.  Both of these programs have a registration window that is earlier and shorter than the window we use to register students for regular classes at Erie High.  Because of this, you need to be thinking about any courses you will want to take next year at CDC or the IC.

Course offerings from the Career Development Center (CDC) and the Innovation Center (IC) offer areas of study that our neighborhood schools can’t.  Transportation is even provided by the district from the high school to CDC and IC for students who are registered.

As the name would indicate CDC is focused on coursework designed to get graduates right into work on their career.  IC offers programs that hone students’ technical abilities for after high school.

You MUST register for classes at CDC and IC prior to January 7th, 2020 which is their deadline.

Information about CDC may be found in this recent article about registration.

Information about the Innovation Center may be found here.

If you have any questions about programs offered at either center, please contact your child’s counselor or reach out to CDC or the IC directly.

Some CDC areas of study include Manufacturing, Agriscience, Automotive, Engineering Tech and Machining, Health sciences, Interactive media, Cullinary, and Welding.

Students at the IC may study classes including Aeronautics, Bioscience, Design, Entrepreneurship, Broadcast and production, Robotics, Computer science, and Pre-teacher education.

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