Visual Arts Grants & How You Can Help

Congratulations to Erie High School visual arts teachers Renita Orellana and Heather Neylon for winning $750 in grants from the Education Foundation for the St Vrain Valley to purchase new hardware for the visual arts department!

Now, parents and students have an opportunity to boost the grants won by our teachers ($500 for new drawing tablets and @250 for a vinyl cutter and heat press) to make Erie High’s visual arts even better…

Any donation made to Donor’s Choice will be matched, dollar for dollar up to $50 so that our teachers may create a professional print shop.  Products from this shop would include mugs, t-shirts and more with student-created images on items that anyone could purchase!

Please make your donation today and help our visual art teachers realize their goal of matching donations to begin a professional print shop to be used by all of the teams, departments and clubs at Erie High School!

Erie High School