Local Realtor Donates Tickets to Students

Area realtor Lori Walter recently contacted Erie High School with an offer to purchase tickets to the upcoming FACE concert fundraiser for the Erie High School Education Foundation.

Mrs Walter asked for the school to select students to donate the tickets to for their hard academic work.  The EHS administration will be offering tickets to the students with the highest growth on their SAT scores (from Spring last year to the practice tests students took in the Fall).  Students with the highest growth demonstrate that they are working hard to improve regardless of their performance on the test. 

“We hope that rewards like this will help motivate students to continue their practice outside of school to attain the highest scores possible, improving their access to better educational opportunities and scholarships,” said Mr Stecina, Dean of Students at Erie High School.

Lori Walters has watched the population continue to grow in the Erie area as the schools have improved, attracting people to move in who are focused on their children’s education.

Thank you Lori Walter at Walker Realty for your great donation!

If you know of a business that would like to help out our community with this kind of sponsorship, please contact Mr Stecina at [email protected].

Erie High School