No Place to Park

Students sometimes find no available parking spots at school when they arrive.  This is due to people parking in the lot without a parking permit.  When the school controls the number of students allowed to park in the parking lot through the use of parking permits, there is always enough spots for everyone.  When people park in the lot without a permit the lot fills too quickly and we don’t know who those vehicles belong to exposing the school to increased numbers of fender benders and potential safety risks of having strangers’ cars in the lot.

The only solution is to purchase your parking permit and follow the rules for parking at the school.  Parents, please check to make sure your student has purchased a parking permit if you know they are driving to school.  Otherwise, they are part of the problem. 

If the lot is full, students can drive to the back side of the school to park but they will have to come through the school’s front doors for security reasons.  Please don’t ever park in a part of the parking lot not designed for parking.  It poses a risk for everyone.

Erie High School