Online Absences or Student Appointments

“Do I still call in my student when they will miss a class due to illness or appointments?” 


The answer is YES!  All absences need to be called or emailed into the school office within 48 hours of the absence from a class.  If a student needs to leave a class early or is logging in after the WebEx at the start of class,  please let our attendance secretary know what time to excuse the student from class and she will notify the teacher directly through email.  


Friday Attendance – All students have until 2 pm to turn in assignments.  If your student is only missing 1 or 2 blocks, they still have plenty of time to complete the Friday assignments by  2 pm every Friday.  If they are out of town or ill, you can still excuse them for the entire day.

Please feel free to email our Attendance Secretary directly if you have any questions or to excuse your student:


Erie High School