Personal Information Review

**UPDATE**Some parents have been confused during the process because in order to complete the Personal Information Review they need to click a button that says Begin Registration.  Understandibly that doesn’t sound correct, but it IS the correct way to proceed for our existing students’ parents.**UPDATE** The St Vrain Valley School District created a place within Infinite Campus where parents can let the school know of any address or phone number changes, and how and when they would like to be contacted. At the same time, parents make selections about such things as if their child’s name or picture may be included in media reports for successes (like the Dean’s List). While you are at it we also have parents acknowledge the proper use of student iPads. All of these are important and filling in the survey only takes less than 10 minutes for most parents and must be completed for each of Erie High School’s families. You can find the Personal Information Review in Infinite Campus. Simply click More and then choose Personal Information Review to get started. 

Erie High School