Some Technology Tips

We have great technology help available at the top of the school’s website in the Technology tab, but we field a number of questions and thought it would be helpful to tell you how we respond.

  • WebEx is a fairly robust program that requires a decent amount of bandwidth. We’ve seen some families having trouble if they have multiple students (and possibly parents, too) on their home network streaming at the same time. When that happens, what can you try?
  • It may be that you are trying to connect wirelessly to a router which is too far away. Try moving closer to your wireless router.
  • You may have too many people using your connection. You are welcome to come to the school and use the access points we have set up near the portables from the safety of your car. Below is an image of the area in which you should park.
  • If you have an unlimited data plan on your phone you may want to set up a mobile hotspot that will allow you to connect your iPad to the internet via your phone’s cellular service. For some students, their cellular data is actually faster than the wired network in their house. Of course, be aware that you are subject to any fees associated with data use. Make sure you have your parents’ permission before trying this solution.
  • It is advisable to keep things fresh on your iPad. Make sure that you are updating anything that has an update available. If an app is not functioning correctly, considering re-installing from Self Service (but don’t delete and re-install it). This ensures you have the latest version and anything that was causing problems is replaced with a new copy. Also, periodically power your iPad completely off and back on again by holding down the power button and either volume button and use the Power Off slider. Allow your iPad 30 seconds before turning it back on. It is best practice to restart your iPad this way at least once per week if not daily.

If all else fails, consider contacting the school. We may be able to hear the problem you are having and be able to recommend a solution.  Mrs Singh is available in her WebEx room most mornings before school to help students with problems they are having.

Erie High School