Parent Messages Begin

In an effort to keep parents and guardians aware of their child’s academic progress, Erie High School has a comprehensive set of messages that are sent to parents when students are doing poorly in their classes, not attending, or have missing assignments.

F Messages: In an effort to assure parents are aware when their child is not having academic success in a class, we comb Infinite Campus for students who currently have a failing grade in any class.  We then send a message on Wednesday afternoon.  The timing of this message is intended to allow time during that week for your child to connect with their teacher to map out a plan to get their grade back to passing.

Missing Assignment Messages: On Mondays we send you a message about assignments that have not been turned in which still may be turned in for credit.  Any assignment that has an “M” listed as its grade may still be turned in for credit, though it may be reduced in value.  The timing of this message is intended to allow students the week to work on those missing assignments and get them turned in before the grade becomes a “0” and the assignment is no longer available for turn-in.

These messages are sent to the student and parent/guardian via email automatically unless you have selected a preference not to receive them.  Remember, you can access Infinite Campus via the web or by using the mobile application for Apple or Android.  The advantage of the Infinite Campus App is that it will notify parents, rather than than parents needing to seek the information out.

If you have any questions about F or Missing Assisgment messages, please email Mr Stecina, Dean of Students or by phone at (303) 828-4213.

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