An Easy and Free Way to Donate to EHS

The Erie High School Education Foundation wants to let you know about a FREE and easy way to donate money to the EHS Scholarships granted by the Foundation.

You may select your favorite 501(c)(3) registered charity to which a donation should be made.  The EHS Education Foundation would like you to select Erie High School Education Foundation.  Anytime, you make a purchase through Amazon, a portion of your total will be donated to the Education Foundation without any cost to you.

Here is how easy it is to support Erie High School graduates and alumni:

Visit and login to your Amazon account:

You can then select the charity you want to receive the donation:

Choose the EHS Education Foundation:

Also, since your Amazon Smile account is linked with your regular Amazon account you can access your wish lists, previous orders, and even your cart from Amazon Smile!  Some folks just switch to Amazon Smile after everything is in their cart, just before paying.  The Erie High School Education Foundation appreciates any money that is donated in your name from Amazon through Amazon Smile!

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