Safety Updates for Return to Hybrid Learning

Erie High School, in conjunction with the Erie Police Department, is asking all of our students and parents/guardians to adhere to the following practices in order to keep people safe.

Crosswalks: The crosswalks around the school will be more full than earlier in the year.  Since Preschool through 5th-grade Soaring Heights students are all in session every day, we can expect the crosswalks around EHS to be busier.  Particularly the crosswalks at Colliers Parkway and County Road 5 need your close attention.  Remember that pedestrians always have the right of way.  Even if you have a green light, if pedestrians have a walk signal you can expect that they will make their way across the street and it is up to cars to yield to them.

Drop-off/Pick-up Lane: Please only use this lane if you are picking up or dropping off students.  Using the parking lot for this purpose increases the likelihood of a crash and will likely be less time-efficient.  We make every effort to move cars through the lane safely while allowing our students to cross on their way into the school.  Please use your patience and do what you can to help others out.  We are ERIE!

Parking Lot: The Erie High School parking lot is for students with parking permits only.  It is important, for safety, to know who owns each car parked in our lot.  If you don’t have a parking permit, speak with Mrs. Molly or Mr. Kenny to get one ASAP.  In the parking lot, please drive carefully and slowly paying very close attention to the area around your car.  People who are new to driving are more likely to have fender-benders in parking lots so it’s important to slow down and focus your attention.  If you can park facing outward from your spot, leaving will be safer.

COVID Practices: You are expected to wear a mask at all times at school and social distance from others.  Use hand sanitizer when you enter or exit an area.  We’ve done well as a school to prevent students from getting other students sick at school with the measures we have in place.  Let’s keep that up even when it gets tiresome.  It’s worth it for us all.

Erie High School