Tigers Give to Tigers

The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keensburg, CO needs your help! This local non-profit is collecting donated blankets and towels for use in their animal care and medical departments. Many are used in their Veterinary Hospital to help provide bedding, cleaning, washing, and general comfort to the animals at a time when they need extra special care. 

Our very own Erie High School Green Team will be collecting new or lightly used blankets and towels throughout all of February! We will be delivering donations to Keensburg on February 20th and February 27th. 

Here are easy contactless collection methods: 

  1. Drop-off at the Erie High School front office
  2. Drop off in Julie Mitchell’s classroom S112
  3. Drop-off at the Erie Community Library
  4. Email Julie Mitchell your address and a Green Team helper will pick it up from your porch!  (local pick up only)

We love being apart of the wonderful and supportive Erie community!! If you would like more information or have any questions: 

Email decker.kyli01@svvsd.org or goldma.hannah04@svvsd.org


Erie High School