Friday, March 12th Schedule Changes

Friday, March 12th will be a different kind of Friday for EHS.  9th, 10th and 11th graders will be taking a practice standardized test at home through Schoology.  9th graders will prepare for the PSAT (grade 9).  10th graders will prepare for the grade 10 PSAT and juniors will prepare for the SAT.  Students will read the questions from a .pdf on Schoology and enter their answers in Schoology.  They will get results immediately with feedback about why the incorrect answers they chose were incorrect.  EHS practices these standardized tests because survey data has let us know that students feel better prepared prior to taking the actual tests.  Practicing the test in a low-stakes environment helps reduce test anxiety for our students.  The more practice they get, the less anxiety they feel.

Seniors will be working on their ICAPs (instructions will be in Schoology) so that they have them finished prior to graduation.  Other seniors will be required to attend a study hall to improve their grade for a class they need for graduation but are failing.

Please be aware of these events for March 12th so that you’re ready to go next week.

Erie High School