I Took the Practice Test…Now What?

We had an excellent turnout for our virtual practice (P)SAT testing on Friday and our students did very well on their tests!  Erie High School students and their parents understand the importance of these tests and the role they play in post-secondary education admissions and scholarships.  Practice has been proven to improve test scores and according to our surveys of EHS students the overwhelming majority find it helpful to practice the test in a low-stakes environment.  The experience of practicing helps reduce test anxiety at Erie High School.

So, now what?  What were students supposed to get from this experience?

The primary benefits are two-fold: first, students are told why the answers they selected were correct or not.  Error analysis is a great way to get better at anything.  On the page that reports your scores, students can learn how to do better the next time they test.  The second is in practicing itself.  Some students are interested in finding out how their test scores would translate into a SAT or PSAT score (since these tests don’t report scores in simple percentages the way we are used to in school).  Here’s the good news for those students: below is a process that takes a little work, but will allow you to calculate your score on the practice PSAT or on the practice SAT you took on Friday, March 12th.

Scoring the Practice PSAT


Scoring the Practice SAT

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