Ms. von Bernuth Honored by Boettcher

The Boettcher Foundation has a tradition of recognizing outstanding teachers who contribute to their students’ success. Each student who makes it to the finalist level of our scholarship application process is asked to nominate a teacher who contributed significantly to their success.

As we have announced previously, EHS senior AJ Juenemann was named as a finalist for the 2021 Boettcher Scholarship. AJ was selected as a finalist from a pool of nearly 1,600 highly qualified applicants who exhibited excellence in academics, leadership, service and extracurricular involvement. This honor reflects highly on you and your school. We congratulate you for creating an environment where excellence is encouraged, and we appreciate the efforts you have made on behalf of your students.

AJ chose to honor Ms. Greta von Bernuth with a 2021 Teacher Recognition Award. The award recognizes the significant role they played in shaping the educational experience and development of a Boettcher finalist. The honor consists of a personalized plaque, a special tribute from AJ and a $500 grant via a Donors online gift card , which is to be used at Mrs. von Bernuth’s direction for an educational project, activity, professional development or piece of equipment that they feel will benefit students and your school. Additionally, we’ll also be sending AJ’s counselor a $100 grant via a online gift card to be used for similar purposes.

·     The Teacher Recognition Awards Program was established by the Trustees of the Boettcher Foundation in 1992 to provide an opportunity for Boettcher Scholars to extend their gratitude to the teachers who have dedicated themselves to providing Colorado students with an outstanding education.

·     Each 2021 Boettcher Scholarship finalist was asked to identify one teacher who impacted their lives and made significant contributions to their growth and education.

·     In addition to a plaque, the recipients of the Teacher Recognition Award will receive a $500 grant, which they may use toward an educational program, professional development, or project to benefit students at our school.

·     Our 2021 Boettcher Scholarship finalist AJ Juenemann chose Mrs. Greta von Bernuth as their teacher nominee in recognition of Ms. von Bernuth’s passion for the profession and dedication to their students.

·     Ms. von Bernuth, this award is the Boettcher Foundation’s way of telling you that they appreciate your commitment to your students and to our community.

We are incredibly proud to have Mrs. von Bernuth as a teacher in our school community and thank you for inspiring not only your students but also setting a standard of excellence for others in your profession.

Erie High School