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WebEx in the 2021-22 School Year

WebEx was an invaluable tool last year allowing students to log in and participate in class from home. Despite its utility last year, there are some shortcomings relative to being in class in person. Students learn better in person and running one regular classroom and one virtual classroom was very cumbersome for teachers.

This year we are only using WebEx for students who are in quarantine or isolation due to a COVID exposure. With quarantines being minimal this year relative to last year, it is fairly rare for students to have to watch class remotely.

We are NOT using WebEx for students to participate in class for any other reason. Students who are sick with something other than COVID, on vacation, or who just don’t feel like going to school may not log in to a WebEx session as an alternative to attending class in person.

This allows us to ensure that SVVSD classes remain a strong, valuable, and pedagogically sound in-person experience.

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