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Masks & Water Bottles for Your Student

We recognize the myriad ways that our community has come together to partner with the school through the global pandemic we are experiencing. The support has been great and very much appreciated. The public health order we are under requires anyone in a school building to be wearing a face covering while indoors. At Erie High School we have been willing to provide masks for anyone who comes to school without a face covering. This has become a very large expense to the school because many students come to school without their own masks.

We are politely requesting that you make sure that your child has a mask to wear at school each day so that we can ease the costs we are experiencing to meet the public health order. Providing a mask for your own child each day will really help our school community.

Also, since the water fountains are only available to refill water bottles (the sip function has been dismantled during COVID), students should bring their own water bottles to refill at school.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Erie High School