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Achievement Acceleration Academy at Erie High School

Erie High School is beginning a new strategy to help students improve their understanding of fundamental algebra information and improve their grades in their current algebra class.

This new program is called the Achievement Acceleration Academy (AAA) and it is just getting off the ground this fall semester of 2021. AAA is a small class environment with explicit instruction by two EHS teachers on the topic of the heart of algebra. This class runs from 3pm to 4pm each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school.

As students begin to demonstrate mastery of these fundamental algebra skills their assessments may be substituted for low test scores from their current math class. The result is a lasting improvement in student understanding of algebra concepts and successful completion of their current math class.

We identified this as a need for our school as we currently have lots of solutions for students after they fail. This solution is yet another measure intended to prevent failure before the class is finished.

For more information about this program, please reach out to Mr. Romig or Mr. Stecina, Deans of Students at EHS who manage the Achievement Acceleration Academy.

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