Turning left at the southmost exit from Erie High School is not allowed and a sign was erected some time ago to remind drivers.  We are reminding you again that only right turns are allowed when leaving through that exit.

Why is this rule in place? 
People leaving Erie High, in the past, would turn left at that intersection only to find out that they had pulled out without having an adequate gap.  This was the cause of many t-bone crashes at this intersection.  People’s view is frequently obstructed by other cars which created an unsafe condition.

What if you NEED to head south on Road 5? 
There are at least two options.  First, you can exit at the street light at Collier’s and Road 5.  Left turns are allowed there and even protected by a green arrow.  Alternatively, you can exit right from the southmost exit northbound onto Road 5, then turn left at Collier’s, make another left at the roundabout in Collier’s.  That will take you back to Erie Parkway and you can go on from there.

Those who care about you at Erie High School and the Erie Police Department would like to remind you that the sign is there for a reason.  Please make sure not to turn left from our southmost exit.

Erie High School